I play my drums for HIM !

This website features DRUM TEACHING using MIDI TECHNOLOGY as well as STREAMING VIDEO. I'm hoping to eventually have over 500 drum lessons on DVD but there is plenty of free stuff already here and more to come. I taught drum lessons 25 years ago. Then I got tied up in MIDI and recording for 15 years trading in my ACOUSTIC DRUMS FOR OCTAPADS in 87. However, a few years ago, I bought a new set of CADESON acoustic drums. Boo, the WFD other WFD people have helped me to push my drumming to even further extremes!! I will also use the PINTECH drums TO create MIDI/VIDEO lessons. Keep checking this site out for updates ! I'm practicing for the Worlds Fastest Drummer competition and you can see some drum solos and practicing HERE You can also check out our MUSIC WEBSITES and music video links.